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Nearly a century ago these were the simple words Sam Rosati lived by; little did he know this humble philosophy helped shape the foundation on which Rosati’s Pizza was built. Sam’s father began the family’s rich tradition of serving delicious Italian food to customers in his New York restaurant back in the late 1890’s.

After the turn of the century, the family moved to Chicago and opened yet another fine ltalian restaurant featuring “Italian Style Pizza”, a tasty appetizer consisting of homemade tomato sauce served on a crispy piece of bread. In 1927, following in his father’s footsteps, Sam opened his own Italian restaurant in downtown Chicago.

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Customer Reviews

Jim LeBurkien

I love their pizza. I eat there once a week and the owners and staff treat me as if i were a member of the family. But the reason i eat there regularly is the pizza is outstanding and worthy of a 5 star rating. The pizza has a tremendous amount of toppings

Adam Levy

This is only one of two Rosati's I frequent. I live in the city, and get pizza from the one on Broadway, but when visiting friends in the burbs, we usually order from here, and for whatever reason, I kinda like it better.

Brian Grosam

OMG! I haven't had pizza this great in over 10 years!!! I was in town on business from Minneapolis and went here on a whim. Basically a take-out joint. I waited for 25 minutes and brought the pizza back to my hotel and ate the whole thing. Amazing pizza.

Christopher Skallerup

The pizza is very good, although I am a Chicagoan and I can be picky. For thin crust though this is my favorite. Their pizza is better, I am not sure why but this is the best "Rosati's" that I have had. Besides the pizza, this location does pasta and sandwiches better too.

Carrie J.

This small shop is located on a strip mall. We usually order the meatball sandwiches or the double dough cheese (or sausage) pizza for pick up. If we're feeling lazy, we get our food delivered in less than an hour and it is still hot.

Apple A.

This is the best pizza in glenview/Des Plaines/Niles area. Consistently good and they made me some special pizzas for last minute Valentine's Day. I always get it delivered and never have to wait more than 45 minutes.